Grand Finale

Grand Finale
Combined Apprentice, Advanced, and Concert Choirs.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


To all Singers from Linda,

Oh how wonderful it was to end the Young Artists season with such a brilliantly performed concert! Each choir did such a wonderful job!

I was so impressed with Apprentice Choir’s perfect discipline, and how they sparkled at the audience! They sang beautifully!

Advance Choir’s sound was totally amazing! Bruce said they gave Premier Singers a “run for their money!” That means they were singing such a mature sound and did such a great performance! Congratulations on an amazing job!

Concert Choir gave a truly award winning “gold” performance! It was even better than the California performance! Just two more rehearsals and adding missing people made an almost perfection performance! What a great job you did with the contrast in song styles!

Premier Singers were so “spot on!” We loved their performance. Their tone was beautiful—they were beautiful! KU-KU was a totally happy tone and confidence builder for us. Paint Me a Song was lyrical and beautiful—especially with the added part in the Soprano. Simple Gifts, which is such a hard song, was done better this season than we have ever been able to do it before. And, Turtle Dove, with Porter Rigby on the cello, was done so tenderly and beautifully! It was stupendous!

All in all, this was a year of really hard work from everyone which ended in a stellar accomplishment!!!

As Bruce would say, and I heartily agree, “BRAVO!!!

Have a great summer!

Porter Rigby with Premier Singers--a sound never to be forgotten!!

                                      Look at that discipline!  Listen to that SOUND!!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Young Artists Strike Gold in California!

Competing in the largest national competition ever sponsored by Worldstrides, with over 1800 participants, Young Artists once again brought home the Gold!

Concert Choir and Premier Singers each received the coveted Gold Award, and also brought home the prized Adjudicator's Award, given by the three adjudicators to a choir that epitomizes what a truly outstanding choir should be.

Linda Walker, very happy with Young Artists
 outstanding performances!
A hearty congratulations to all the singers, and to Linda Walker, Milana Colt, and Porter Rigby for their truly outstanding performances!

Premier Singers receive standing ovation at the conclusion
of their stunning performance!

Monday, April 17, 2017

MEMOS to Parents & Singers:

1. All singers going on tour must be in rehearsal Apr. 18!!

2. Tour participants load the bus at 7:30 a.m. on April 20th. The bus departs at 8:00 A.M.

3. All parents, please pre-purchase concert tickets April 18th or 25th so we eliminate long ticket lines at the concert. You will receive one free family ticket for each family ticket purchased. These should be given to families with children who you think would benefit from participation in Young Artists.

4. Pre-concert rehearsal and seat assignment times for the April 29th Spring Awards Concert are as follows:

Premier Singers 4:00, Concert 4:30, Advanced 5:00, Apprentice 5:30, Combined 6:00.

Doors open for the audience at 6:40. The concert begins at 7:00 PM.

Its time to "take the stage" again!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Memos to Parents

Memo #1  Tickets for the Spring Awards Concert go on sale 
Tues. April 11th.

Memo #2  Dress Rehearsal for Apprentice & Advanced Choirs is
Tues. April 11th.  Wear complete outfit for inspection--including shoes!

Memo #3  Remember the mandatory rehearsals for Advanced, Concert & Premier on Sat. April 15.
(See March 9th Blog post)

Continue to watch this BLOG weekly for all rehearsal, concert and tour information!

                            But, Mrs. Walker, these are my only shoes!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Dress Rehearsals

Dress rehearsal for Concert Choir & Premier will be Tues. April 4th.
Wear complete outfit including shoes. This is inspection for tour!

Dress rehearsal for Apprentice & Advanced Choirs will be Tues. April 11th.

Please note: If you sing in more than one choir, please wear the uniform for the oldest choir!

Watch this BLOG weekly for Tour & Concert information!!

Davis Rudkin announces for Concert Choir, Christmas, 2016

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Rehearsal this week!

Yes!! There are rehearsals March 28th same as usual!

April 4 is dress rehearsal for Concert Choir & Premier Singers. This is pre-tour inspection.

April 11 is dress rehearsal for Apprentice & Advanced choirs.

Remember the mandatory rehearsals for Advanced, Concert & Premier on Sat. April 15.
(See March 9th Blog post)

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Reminder to all 71 Concert Choir Tour Participants (singers, parents, & guests):

All tour money must be paid in full on or before Tues. March 28.

If you have any question about the amount you owe, call Mr. Walker (208) 740-7096

All participants are on separate tour accounts. If you have extra money in your account, it will be paid to you by check the week before tour.