Grand Finale

Grand Finale
Combined Apprentice, Advanced, and Concert Choirs.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What a Wonderful Concert!

Dear Members of the Choir and Devoted Parents and Friends,

It was so very sweet to spend the time with you on Saturday and to see and listen to the fruits of our labors!
All the choirs, and each member of the choirs, sang so beautifully and performed so wonderfully. Your faces "sparkled" and the sound "shimmered" just as we desired. You were each beautiful and exuded the spirit of Christmas. Bruce and I felt so proud and pleased with you. Thank you for working so hard.

Wasn't the audience warm and wonderful! It was fun to sing for them because they were so appreciative.

Bruce took our camera so that we could put pictures on the blogs but when he opened it the battery immediately died. How disappointing! We hope that some of you have pictures you would be willing to share.

Our email address is works as well.

We love working with you and are preparing for our next semester of singing.

Linda and Bruce