Grand Finale

Grand Finale
Combined Apprentice, Advanced, and Concert Choirs.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


After having such a fantastic time on tour our subsequent rehearsals and concert experience could have been a let down, but it certainly wasn't! Our rehearsals together will always be a cherished experience and you were absolutely wonderful at the concert! The energy was high and the spirit and purity that radiated through your beautiful singing was legendary! We have never felt so unified. (I have never seen a choir "spit the words" like Concert Choir did on Camptown Races.) 

So many people expressed the joy and uplift they felt as they listened to you. Several who had never heard us before expressed amazement at the sweetness of the experience and said they were brought to tears, not just by the wonder of music but also by watching you give with your hearts. One lady said, "It was just a rush! I was in awe."

I was mostly floating on a cloud until the Seniors poured in such love that I dissolved into tears!

We made a recording of the concert, so if you haven't yet ordered your CD, please do so soon. We did not video but there are parents asking if anyone did so they can get a copy.

Lots of choir members are very excited about the Carnegie Hall invitation for 2012. We will be listening to feedback and choosing music for next years program.

Thanks to those parents and choir members who have sent pictures of both our trip and the concert. Keep up your great support!

With love,

Bruce and Linda

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